Company History

NISARGA: Nature’s Essence, Perfected.

Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘Nature,’ NISARGA embodies our commitment to crafting products in their purest form. We specialize in producing 100% pure, natural extracts using CO2 extraction, offering a diverse range of essential oils, oleoresins, and herbal extracts for industries including Herbal Health Care, Body Care, Flavors, Fragrances, and Aromatherapy.

Innovative Technology and Research

Pioneering our Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) Technology in-house, our DST registered R&D department and product development center drive innovation. With our patent for combining the CO2 extracts with water/hydro-ethanolic extracts, we can offer a wide variety of powder extracts for the nutraceutical industry. We collaborate closely with clients, assisting in formulating bespoke solutions tailored to their needs.

Global Reach, Local Roots

90% of our extracts, formulations, and finished products have enriched well-known companies and brands in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are nestled in Satara, approximately 250 kilometers south of Mumbai, India, where we embody the essence of nature and craft excellence in every extract.

Our Mission

Elevating Lives through Natural Excellence

Nisarga Biotech is dedicated to delivering research-based natural products that enhance life quality and elevate health standards. Focused on the healthcare, cosmetic, and food industries, our commitment is to provide premium-quality ingredients with unparalleled service.

Our Vision

Pioneering Wholesome Living, Empowering Communities

Crafting excellence, we proudly offer nature’s best for a wholesome living experience. Committed to constant innovation, we aim to redefine customer product lines while empowering communities and leading in the realm of natural well-being.

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Photo in 1999

Our Journey:

Nurturing Nature, Empowering Lives Since 1998

Founded in 1998, Nisarga Biotech embarked on a transformative journey with a vision and mission centered on elevating lives through natural excellence. Fueled by the dedication of our three founding members and a modest 5-liter machine, we began with an annual capacity of 3840 kg.

Today, our story is one of remarkable growth and innovation. With a state-of-the-art facility, a total capacity of 275 liters, 4 extraction machines and an annual production capacity of 450 MT, we operate round the clock with a dedicated team of 80 professionals.

Over the years, we’ve developed cutting-edge technologies, secured patents, and contributed to botanical research, establishing ourselves as leaders in botanical extraction. Our services extend globally, serving over 100 clients.

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Photo in 2023