Quality Assurance & Traceability

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Research and Developmental laboratory, a hub of innovation and excellence recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Spanning an expansive 2500 sq. ft., our facility is dedicated to pioneering research, product development, and quality assurance. Here’s an in-depth look at our cutting-edge laboratories and capabilities:

Research and Development Laboratory:

Our R&D lab boasts advanced equipment to drive innovation and product development. Equipped with Multiple HPLCs with UV and PDA detectors, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography with dual column and FID detector, Calorimeter, and various other instruments, we ensure precision and accuracy in our research endeavors.

Microbiology Section:

Our in-house Microbiology section is designed for rigorous testing. With Biosafety Cabinets, Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave, BOD incubators, and a suite of instruments including digital microscopes and centrifuges, we maintain stringent standards for sterility and quality control.

Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory:

Dedicated to in vitro studies, our cell and tissue culture lab features class 2 Biosafety cabinets, CO2 incubators, Automated cell counters, and Inverted microscopes. This facility enables us to evaluate the toxicity and therapeutic potential of our extracts.

Highly Qualified Staff:

Our laboratories are staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Their expertise ensures that every project, from research to quality control, meets the highest standards.

Quality Control and Assurance:

Supported by a robust Quality Control department and independent Quality Assurance, our processes adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). This commitment to quality extends across all phases of our operations.

Instrumentation Techniques:

– Gas Chromatography (GC): Used for testing substance purity and separating mixture components, our GC utilizes carrier gases and stationary phases, enabling precise analysis.

– High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): Employing pressurized liquid solvents and solid adsorbent material, HPLC is instrumental in separating and quantifying components in mixtures.

– Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS): Employing optical radiation absorption, AAS quantitatively determines chemical elements in samples, crucial for pharmaceutical and toxicology research.

– Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy (UV/Vis): Routinely used for quantitative determination of analytes, UV/Vis spectroscopy plays a vital role in analyzing organic compounds and biological macromolecules.

Documentation and Traceability:

Our meticulous documentation team ensures rigorous control and monitoring of every operation. Full traceability, from the farm where organic materials are sourced to the facility and beyond, is maintained. Counter samples are retained until the lot expiry date, allowing for cross-checking and retesting, upholding our commitment to high-quality standards.

Stability Section:

Equipped with two fully automated stability chambers, our stability section conducts in-house studies on extracts and finished products in accelerated and real-time settings. This ensures the robustness and longevity of our formulations.

At our facility, we combine cutting-edge technology, experienced professionals, and stringent quality controls to drive innovation and deliver products of the highest caliber.